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Legal terms and conditions

The future is global, be part of Global Exchange

Services offered are provided according to these terms and conditions, which set out our responsibilities as a provider and your rights and responsibilities as a customer, as well as detailed information about the currency exchange activity online.

This website is operated by Global Exchange Hong Kong Limited, a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong. This company is registered as a Licensed Money Service Operator under Customs and Excise Department of Hong Kong.

Eurodivisas, S.A. is the parent company and major shareholder of a group of subsidiary companies, also authorised to provide currency exchange services by the local authorities in each country where they operate. Eurodivisas, S.A., and its subsidiaries constitute the Global Exchange Group.

Terms of use of the websites of Eurodivisas (hereinafter referred to as Global Exchange) are included in the Privacy Policy.



Any person visiting the websites of Global Exchange shall be considered a user. As a user, you indicate that you accept these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and that you agree to abide by them, you also accept all applicable laws, rules and regulations in force. If you wish to use any of our Services, separate terms and conditions may apply.


In order to carry out some of the activities offered by the websites of Global Exchange, including but not limited to foreign exchange transactions, purchase of prepaid cards, job applications and membership of the loyalty programme, you may be required to complete registration forms and to agree these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and the Security Policy, Privacy and Protection of Personal Data, therefore becoming a registered user.

The user receives the forms freely and voluntarily so it is assumed that the information provided to us is true and accurate in all respects.

The registered user engages to make diligent use of their username and password, not disclosing this information to third parties (if applicable) and to inform Global Exchange, without delay, of any loss, theft or any risk of access to them by a third party.


The user who conducts a foreign exchange transaction and after that decides to register, will have an online account with information about transactions. Also, the user will enjoy more favourable conditions when ordering any of the products offered by Global Exchange.

The registered user is obliged to keep their personal data updated, notifying to Global Exchange any change that may arise.


Global Exchange offers the possibility to order online currency and to collect and pay for it at our branches (order for in-store collection).

Web orders are subject to availability. Since the user does not pay online for the service, Global Exchange cannot guarantee that the demanded currency or amount be available at the chosen airport till on the day of collection.


In-store collection orders means that you will pick up and pay your online reservation at one of our branches (located at Hong Kong International Airport). Online orders will enjoy a preferential exchange rate compared to the exchange rate of any of our branches.


In-store collection may be requested online in our website: http://www.globalexchange.hk/.

In any case, the customer must provide with a valid ID, as well as an email address and telephone number to enable Global Exchange to contact the user and duly deliver the order.

Orders placed by the website may be made in Chinese, Spanish or English.

Orders are subject to a maximum value of 100,000 HKD per calendar quarter. This limit applies to purchases made both at branches, by telephone or by website. This amount may be amended at any time, but will not affect orders in process.


When placing an order for in-store collection, you will be informed by telephone or online about the exchange rate (price) applied to your purchase as well as any other extra fee incurred.

By ordering online, Global Exchanges gets from the user a request to prepare and save a fixed amount of foreign currency on collection day. The price and exchange rates shown on each web request are those of the day, whilst for the specific order Global Exchange will apply those of the collection day at the airport, plus an extra 15% off on exchange margin.

We do not charge any extra fee for placing an order online. Please consider that exchange rates quoted by the Central Bank and other global banking authorities are only applied to their own transactions and those carried out by other global Central Banks. Other operators (banks and currency exchange companies) are not subject to exchange rates quoted by these authorities, and they are allowed to apply margins or fees. Global Exchange only applies a margin that may vary depending on the currency and the amount (larger purchases have better rates for the customer).


If you are ordering for in-store collection, you will pay the approximate outstanding amount due at the branch at the agreed time of collection (the time you specified in the ordering process). The exact amount will be that of the price of the day of collection with an additional 15% off on the exchange margin.


Once you have placed an order for in-store collection and after we have accepted it, you will receive an email of confirmation, with details of the transaction specifying: approximate price, cost, method of payment, collection address and day and time range for collection.

If the order is not accepted no liability will arise for the user..


For in-store collection orders the order will be made in the branch you choose when placing the order.

The order will be delivered only to the person who carried it out, therefore, identification is required.


The user can cancel an order before the date of collection. We will under no circumstance charge the user for this service.

Global Exchange ensures that the currency provided is top quality and corresponds to the currency in force in the issuing country.


1.- Cancellations:

To cancel an online order, please contact as soon as possible the Customer Service of Global Exchange, on the number (+852) 800-968-791, and provide with your order number.

In any case, Global Exchange will deem the order as cancelled if the user does not appear at the agreed branch on the agreed date, the user will have a further extended period of 15 days to collect it. After this extended time the order will be cancelled.


Global Exchange, in accordance with dispositions applicable to its activity informs to all the users that:

  1. Global Exchange has a Customer Service Department to attend all the claims, complaints and questions of the users. This service can be reached by:
    1. Phone: (+852) 800-968-791
    2. Online Enquiry Form: http://www.globalexchange.hk/indexen.html#contact-menu.
    The Customer Service Department engages to give a response to complaints within two months.


This section contains the Privacy Policy that we apply to your Personal Data

REGISTERED OFFICE 6/F., Alexandra House, 18 Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong
EMAIL http://www.globalexchange.hk/indexen.html#contact-menu
PURPOSES OF PROCESSING -Contractual purposes for handling transactions and other requests of customers (a.k.a. Data Subjects)
- Other purposes stated in the Privacy Policy
- Related customer communications
For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

- Processors located in the EU or outside the EU with adequate safeguards for the aforesaid purposes as well as other purposes stated in the Privacy Policy.

- Other recipients, such as regulalory bodies and law enforcement bodies as required by law.

LEGAL BASIS Entering into the currency sale and purchase agreement.
RIGHTS Access, correct and erase data, as well as other rights, as described in the Privacy Policy.


1.- What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file downloaded into your computer when accessing certain websites. Cookies are used by websites, among other things, to store and recover information about the surfing habits of a user or his equipment and, depending on the information they contain and the way the equipment is used, they can be employed to recognise the user. The user’s browser stores cookies in the hard drive only during the current session, using a minimum space and without damaging the computer. Cookies are in most cases deleted from the hard drive when the user closes the browser (“session cookies”).

Most browsers accept cookies as a standard, but they can be set to allow or block temporary or stored cookies.

2.- Our cookies.

We use technical cookies in our website. They allow the user to navigate through a website, platform or app and use the different options and services offered, such as, controlling traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing restricted access areas, remembering elements that are part of an order, making purchases, submitting a membership or participation form, using security elements during navigation, storing content for broadcasting video and sound or sharing content on social networks.

Additionally, we use the following cookies, from third parties:

  • Advertising cookies from double click (supplier company: Google Inc.) (Permanent): this network integrates thousands of websites that give support so that Google, based on context criteria (search carried out on a search engine and website of the network visited), displays Global Exchange ads on said website. The idea is to assess through these cookies whether a purchase taking place on the Global Exchange website is the product of an advert displayed on one of the websites of the Google network. This can only be assessed if a purchase is carried out using the same equipment (same PC, tablet or cell phone) where the advert was originally accessed and the cookies have not been deleted.
  • More information: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/2839090?hl=en
  • Analysis cookies Google Analytics (supplier company Google Inc.) [Permanent cookie]: they are used to analyse the behaviour of the users who visit us, within the context of our website, in terms of number of visits, sections accessed, origin source of visit, length, etc. This kind of data does not allow in any way to identify the user that has visited our website.
    More information: http://www.google.es/intl/en/policies/technologies/types/
  • User interface customisation cookies [Permanent]: they are used to save the last amount of currency entered in the exchange widget in our website by a user, in a specific device. If after closing our browser, you open it again and you go to the Global Exchange website without deleting the cookies, we will be able to see the last exchange transaction consulted.

3.- Management of cookies.

Any user can delete the cookies downloaded to his device (computer, tablet, cell phone, etc.) by going to the settings option in the browser installed in their computer. They can also be disabled, but the website won't able to function properly as the exchange application requires the cookies to be enabled in order to maintain the exchange rate during a transaction flow.


These legal conditions shall be interpreted and executed according to the laws of Hong Kong.


Global Exchange reserves the right to amend these Legal Terms and Conditions at any time at its discretion. Please check these conditions before placing any order.

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