Click & collect service

Book online to get a 15% off. Collect and pay at Hong Kong airport.

Discover all the advantages of ordering money online in Hong Kong

Global Exchange has currency exchange branches at major international airports of 22 countries. In Hong Kong we have 9 branches in Terminal 1 (North and South) and Terminal 2 (South), both at Departures and Arrivals.

Now you can order online the currency you need to benefit from better rates (15% off margin). Order online your currency now, choose the branch where you will collect and pay on collection at the chosen branch he day you travel.

Why order your currency online and collect it at our branches:

  • You get better prices than buying at the airport.
  • 41 currencies available for those departing from Hong Kong.
  • We provide you with HKD upon arrival at Hong Kong International Airport.
  • You can pay card or cash.
  • We buy back your leftover money upon your return (conditions apply).

Where are we?

  • We have 9 branches in Hong Kong
  • Find us at the airport
Check out our branches

Save time, save money

  • Ensure your currency before it runs out
  • Collect and pay in store
  • 15% discount on our airport price*

*Book online to ensure your currency and qualify for a 15% off on our airport price the day you travel (discount applied on exchange margin).

Why change currency with us rather than your bank

    Global Exchange Global Exchange     Your high-street bank
Variety of currencies   41. We are specialists.   Only major currencies. Travel money is just a secondary business for banks.
Availability of currencies   Immediate availability of currencies in our branches. Click and collect.   If they can actually get your exotic currency, prepare for a couple of visits to your bank before you can have the money on your hands.
Expenses   We only charge the exchange rate, without commissions. If you book online you have the best price.   The bank sets its own margin plus a commission.
Different denominations available   At Global Exchange, you’ll get a variety of banknotes with different denominations, adapted to all your payment needs.   No. Prepare for refusals and complaints in foreign languages when paying with «big» banknotes abriad.
Delivery options   Order online to benefit from a price reduction and collect at Hong Kong airport.   You will have to visit your bank twice: once to order your currency and wait for it to come. The second visit to collect it.